You have a very important poodle (V.I.P.) so, you will want to follow these very important instruction for using Pelurious Poodles Shampoodle, Pelurious Poodles Show Shine Conditioner, and/or Pelurious Poodles Preening Potion Conditioner. I recommend bathing at least once per week but sometimes I have been known to go a bit longer between baths. A lot depends on the weather and your V.I.P.’s activities.

  1. Comb out your poodle so that the hair will melt like cotton candy when the water is applied – this is very important!
  2. Apply some ear cleaner to a cotton ball and insert gently into your poodle’s ears to keep out water that may get in the ear during the bath – this is extremely important!
  3. Put your poodle in the bath and wet thoroughly. Wetting the hair is very important because it is necessary to have all the hair wet before applying the Shampoodle, otherwise you won’t get the lathering effect.
  4. Put small amounts of Shampoodle on your hand and apply over every square inch of poodle. Don’t pour Shampoodle directly on your poodle but put it on your hand first and spread around. You can feel with your hands to detect areas that are not yet shampoodly. It is very important to get full and complete coverage. (Note: If you are planning on repeating the shampoodling process after rinsing, then you may want to consider using Andre or Anton’s Shampoodle Light. See the product review.)
  5. Once the Shampoodle is fully applied, start working it with your fingers to develop a characteristic, thick, rich lather. This is the most enjoyable part of the bath so it is very important that you enjoy it.
  6. Rinse your poodle thoroughly. This is very important. You may now proceed to the next step or, better yet, repeat steps 4 an 5 for a truly super-sudsy shampoodling. (Note: An application of a cream rinse is optional but not recommended and not a product Pelurious Poodles offers. It wastes a lot of water and takes more time. Why bother, it is not very important, at least not right now.)
  7. Towel off your poodle, an artificial chammy works well, and take your poodle to the drying station. It is very important that you have a drying station with a high velocity, heated blower.
  8. Blow the hair to remove water in the areas that are still quite wet after toweling. Drive off enough water so that the hair is damp but not wet.
  9. Now you are ready to apply a conditioner. You will need to select between Show Shine™ and Preening Potion™. Show Shine is water based and easier to work with. Preening Potion is oil based and requires a bit more care during application. See the product descriptions.
    Show Shine™: While your poodle is still damp, apply Show Shine by spraying from head to tail. Apply relatively lightly but thoroughly. Next, rub the Show Shine into your poodle’s hair, again from head to tail. The more you massage Show Shine in, the more it will be distributed to the individual hairs.
    Preening Potion™: While your poodle is still damp, apply the very concentrated Pelurious Poodles Preening Potion. Put a few drops in your hands and rub them together. Then apply sparingly to your poodle. You need not rub the Preening Potion into the hair yet. A light touch upon the hair is what you need to apply it sparingly – very, very important. Start at the head and work back toward the tail. Finally, apply potion to each leg. It is important to be very particular to follow these instructions because it is very important to get the conditioner evenly distributed without overdoing it. Note, there is a lot of hands-on with your poodle throughout this entire process. You will get to know your poodle very intimately which is also very important. Now work the potion into poodle’s hair with your hands. You may find it helpful to lightly brush the hair with a slicker brush to help spread the potion to all the hair. It is very important to be gentle as this process could pull tangled hair on long haired poodles.
  10. Now you may finish blow drying, rubbing with your hands at first and combing as the hair begins to dry. Don’t forget to comb and fluff the hair in this last step because it is, of course, very important.